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This mission is actually a cakewalk. Heres what I do:

At the start of A Damn Shame, fly "nap-of-the earth". Stay under 250 feet so you are below the structures and the two AA units will have a hard time locking on you. The mountains will also provide good cover. Use all of your Hellfires here as you will not need them again. Take out the structures saving only two hellfires for the 2 AA units. There will be a structure or two left over, don't worry about it and just stay low and continue on.

The last AA unit is pretty nicely camped in a crevice. If your hellfire misses just fly just past him so that he will have to take time to turn his launcher tube around. Hover and cannon. Dead AA unit.

The next section is the big helicopter battle. When I enter the open area and the battle comes into view I hover just above the nearest mountain on the right. Enemy helis will not engage you here since you are too far away. Use your cannon in short controlled bursts and take out a Hind or two this way. It will take a bit to draw a bead on them at this distance but luckily without you over there to engage most are just hovering in place. Your friendlies should handle the rest. When there is only one or two Hind left they will bug out and run.

At this point try to be at about 1400 feet. The cutscene will start and the boss will spawn in his heli. At 1400 feet you can nose down the Apache to gain speed quickly and you should be right on his ass in no time. Launch all four ATA at him when you are within .2 miles or so. Don't get an itchy trigger finger and fire them too soon or he will just flare them off.

This may not kill him but you will be very close to him. Switch quickly to FLIR and it should only take a few quick rounds to finish him off.

I usually finish him off at about the same time the first AA unit is locking a missile on me.

Good luck.

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