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with the whole uninstall / reinstall gfwl
do u need to ::??

uninstall Wheres Waldo
uninstall tinker / other gfwl game
reInstall tinker / other gfwl game
reInstall Wheres Waldo

or can u just have Waldo installed while u reinstall whatever other game?

Ive only been able to play this the first nite i purchaced it, and ive not been able to get beyond the sign in. All other games work through sign in.
Looked on other forums and loads having same thing, regardless of OS/firewall settings.

Ive read that sometimes deleting the save file will allow you in, but cant find the location, anyone know?? And yes i know that Tinkers is in 'My Documents'

Please msg if working on:GTA4, GTA5, All GoW
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