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Lightbulb Solution

Ok i tried the installing another GFWL game and the logging into another Passport ID,
but NOTHING worked

i finally found the location of the save files
theres several files here which i deleted all to make it work,
but obviously if you have previously done alot of the game, you dont simply want to delete them.
So i experiment, through trail and error, deleting some, then seeing if i could stay logged in and enter the game.

My results? Seems like deleting anything will get you through!!
The files P_2651226209209405_0 to P_2651226209209405_5 are the save slots 1-6.
I originaly left the globals, but looks like doesnt matter if delete or not, some time deleting will give better odds of getting into the game.

So, how do you get into the game::
  1. Go to C:\Users\YOURuserNAME\AppData\Roaming\Ludia\Waldo
    and delete all files,
    OR keep the relevant save data slot ie
  2. Open 'Games for Windows Marketplace'
    OR 'Games Explorer' and launch 'Where's Waldo'
  3. When get past the splash, close the sign in window in game,
    goto 'Options' disable 'Fullscreen' (Sometimes seemed to help)
  4. Now hit 'LIVE' and sign in.
    It will still freeze/hang a bit, your see GFWMarketoplace symbol appear in the bottom of the taskbar.
  5. Quickly excape the Sign in navigation at the top once signed in. 9/10 times it will work, sign in and bring up the friends list etc nav bar. Ive found leaving this up for too long still crashes to desktop, but exiting it and clicking on the Singleplayer menu seemed to keep it going.
You dont have to have it windowed but found it helped.
Also you will have to do this each time you play the game, deleting etc.
You can use more than one slot, ive copied 2 over but delete all other files and some how works.

Sorry for long post, im no expert. I just found this worked for me after 4 hours of trying everyone elses meathods with nothing working >_<

Please msg if working on:GTA4, GTA5, All GoW
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