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First AMAZING guide. The video link didn't work for me, but if you just search for it on youtube it is still there.

A little NOTE -

Hi I followed your guide 100% and this did not show up, 'TMD Blueprint (3/7) Engergize'. However I believe the Blueprints are random and I did get the Scientist blueprint from next to the weapons case as mentioned above (which is missing from the guide). I also DO have this blueprint, further proving that some of the blueprint types are random.

I followed your guide exactly and checked every few checkpoints my states and every achievement popped exactly where they do in your video. So I believe that you need 12 chalkboards for it to count, even though it states in the stats that I had 10/10. I think 2 of them donít count (I did each twice, and re-did each again when I died, so didn't miss any).

Oh and there appears to be a lot of Chrono-Notes on the Pearl, which you cannot miss (for those who missed the first few).
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