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I totally agree. Today, having some spare time, I decided to finally redeem my pre-order code from Dead Space 2 and play through Ignition. And what can I say? It's the worst arcade title I've played up to now. I'm glad I didn't have to pay for this. There's nothing fun about the game - absolutely nothing!

Even going through for the achievement's sake is hard - the Tracer game sucks because the camera keeps on changing all the time, changing the controls, which are based on perspective, along with it. But what really pissed me off were the damn laser deflector puzzles. I didn't like that kind of puzzles when I played Saw, but at least you didn't have to put the frickin' pieces together before you solve it.

I usually don't mind a small riddle now and then (I used to love the Resident Evil series for that when it was still good and no sluggish third person shooter), but I simply don't wanna sacrifice time I could use to play some other, better game to sit this through. Maybe I'll try using a walkthrough to finish this up later...
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