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Anything I have in bold and underlined is a mission for a legendary sword. The stage next to each level I write is the stage I decided to do the mission not when it is unlocked. The name of the mission I write is how I find it in "Select Event" DO NOT look for it in "Select Mission" until you have bought it. If the stage isn't in bold there isn't much point in doing it.

I can't provide help with the missions I have already done but I'm only at stage 38 in Mercenarys mode. Basically avoid using orbs on the special events which say "Support from ******" Missions, they just increase your guards stats and there isn't really any point in that. Any that say "Thanks for" whatever, are free and are always gifts.

I failed one mission due to a stupid time limit and not really paying attention, apparently the rewards on the missions change as well as the map/enemy. The principle is the same.

Stage 39: Secret documents - costs 8 gems
- Reconaissance and Recovery'
- Receive 4 gems
- "Thanks for claiming secret documents" + 15 gems

Stage 40: Kagemusha, costs 20 gems.
Tip for this mission. All 4 officers are doubles, so kill them all as fast as possible. It will then say someone is acting suspiciously, go to that point of the map and the real enemy is there.

- Reward is 8 gems
- Legendary sword Munechika
- Thanks for defeating Kagemusha, All guards' strength have been increased.
- Gift from Princess - 6 gems.
- Offering from peasant (Cost 30 gems)

Accept the offering from peasant
- Legendary sword Murasame

Stage 41: Treasure Transport: costs 8 gems
- Thanks for protecting the treasure + receive 12 gems.

Stage 42: Peasant Rebellion: costs 10 gems
- Thanks for suppressing Rebellion + 15 gems

Stage 43: Kemari Hunt: costs 8 gems
- Thanks for finding Kemari Ball + 15 gems (This is getting a bit tedious now so I'll start just saying the reward)

My internets shit so I'm gonna post this now just in case. Continuing...
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