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Treasure Theft has now been unlocked since completing Kemari Hunt.
I cannot confirm if it is unlocked for being on stage 44, or for the mission I just completed. I'd recommend doing the Kamari Mission just in case.

Stage 44: Treasure theft, costs 15 gems (see above)
- Legendary sword Yasutsuna
- Thanks for... reclaiming... the treasure. Mercenary Level was Increased.

I have no more 'Special Event' missions so I'm going to just randomly select missions until more appear.

By now you should have 5 Legendary Swords. I didn't write down the two I already had. One was a gift from "Escort the Princess 2" and One was bought from the Merchant. I can't recall the stage I received them on, it was around 20 or something.

Achievement Available: Stage 47: Unification Battle. Cost 0 gems
Remember to save your file on two slots before accepting this.
Once you have accepted this, you will receive an orb of some kind. Not sure if it's random, I got a Range Orb. Then go to select mission and do the mission for your clan. Once you have done this, SAVE THE GAME ON A DIFFERENT SLOT.
So now you have this achievement and you're like... "What the fuck, new game? I saved it twice? I'm not doing that shit again." So uhhh, return to your dashboard, start up the game again and you get the option reload the other slot.

Do not accept any missions which say "Uniting the Land" from this point on also.
100% (148/156)
99% Completion

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