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Stage 51 Mighty Swordsmen Cost 25 gems
- Legendary sword Sukesane
- Thanks for defeating swordsman - All guards' strength has increased.

Stage 61: Treaty Delivery, costs 10 gems
- Another "Thank you for" Increased Mercenary Level. (It actually never went up from 4... again)

Stage 71: Hero of the Battlefield, costs 20 gems
- Legendary sword Koshino
- The predictable thanks... + 8 gems

You should now have 7 of the 10 swords. I assume one is left as a gift, one from a mission and one from level 100. This should have been wrapped up in 50 levels at the most.

Stage 81; Go to 'Special Events' There should be an offering for 35 gems.

- Legendary sword Osamitsu

Stage 86; Dream Team, cost 25 gems
- Legendary sword Odenta
- Thanks... guards' strength...

Stage 99 Special Events, 40 gems.
- Legendary sword Ochiba

All swords collected then finish stage 100.
100% (148/156)
99% Completion

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