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Originally Posted by friedmad View Post
theres an easier way...get your stealth up to 100, then go into the Vault 21 casino. there's a group of 3 women standing and having a chat. crouch behind any of them and pick their can pork n beans. it must be glitched cuz the can never leaves their inventory, and they never get pissed if youre noticed picking them. just keep doing that over and over. if you get caught, move on to the next woman in the group.
Thanks friedmad.
This worked like a charm.
if you do get caught you won't be able to pickpocket from them.
And if you are caught 3 or more times, then you get chased by a whole bunch of angry customers with pool cues.

Just rotate between groups and save every 5-10 successful pickpockets.
This was very fast, as there are usually 3 groups of 3 in that main room.

You don't even need a stealth boy.
Just had 100 stealth skill with a skill magazine ( 80 + skill magazine), and just pickpocketed one group 2 full rounds, save, and repeat the process with another group.
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