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Smile Boosters: All The Online Achievements In 4 Hours READ NOW!!!!

The Super Geek No 1 & Paulsmall007 Boosting Guide To Medal of Honor

Iím Back!!! Ok playing legit is a real sucky waste of time due to the Sniper fest that takes place in the game. However, boosting is quite simple once you know the knowhow and that where this guide come into play.
This guide will cover all online achievements expect for Two Hour Achievements in each class

You will need a minimum of six people. One group of four goes to ďPlay with FriendsĒ and parties up while the others wait in the lobby. Youíll be searching for Sector Control. Once in the game with just four of you only the two players waiting to join should jump out of party chat and join the game via game in progress through either recent players (if they are not on your friends list) or through their friend list this should separate you into two teams.

Boosting: Get to a flag preferably one with a lot of space to move around all you need to do is capture the points in turns very quickly. If you are going for Fire Controller Achievement you will have to use each offensive support action once, when using your offensive action break away from the group and use it elsewhere as it tends to screw things up especially the cruise missile, hard to control (remember if someone dies they lose all their points). This game type has a maximum of 15 minutes.

Capturing the flags also counts towards 1000 Support Achievement, however when you are finished with the Fire Controller Achievement you can the next time round just use the defensive actions instead. By the time you reach 600 points you will get a bonus 2x so the flag capture will be worth 40 points instead of 20 points. By the end of the round you should have a minimum of 3000 points if done correctly.
This method will also Rank you up so make sure you pick your highest Weapon Class and stick to it. So far I can say it takes roughly 3 and half hours to rank a 0 to a 15 Tier while getting all the online achievements along the way.

Known Issues:

One of the known issues is getting into a room by yourself (as a group), the fix for that is play at a time when there are many players on the server. This is mainly around 00:00 UK GMT thatís like 6/7 in the evening US.

Randoms /Stranded
: Ok if you are unfortunate to have randoms jump into your game at the end of the match if they less than four everyone exits the game except for two boosters on each team. The game wonít be able to start and they will get bored and leave then you can re-join via game in session and continue boosting.
Note this I find it more convenient to have only six boosting at a time because any other time the group is bigger randoms seem to continuously jump in.

Well this is all the Knowledge I can pass on to you for now Hope it helps as this game really does suck. Any other questions other can you help me boost pm or im me via here or Live. Good luck!!!

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