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Ok got our little group for the 1million points achievement boost

Thought it would be much easier to put all the info here so we each know what's going on in one handy location.

Right! So we're doing this Thursday 27th, 4pm GMT (11am EST)

Song to be played: Freebird

It's the obvious choice really, and if we get the 1mil with time to spare, we can go for the 60 second achievement/90 second overdrive goal, for those that need either of them still. To make it easier to keep the chain going, Drums will start when everyone has a full OD bar, then Guitar-Bass-Keys as each player's bar is almost depleted.

If it doesn't hapen in Freebird, we'll play another song afterwards to get the overdrive requirement, not as long a song as Freebird lol, and everyone can play on whatever difficulty they'd feel comfortable hitting all orverdrive notes on within that song. It will be drummers choice

I've got you all added on live, and i'll be creating a live party about 5-10 minutes before we're due to start

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