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A few hiccups at the start haha (damn limitations on 2 guitar controllers!) I ended up having to sing but we got what we set out to acomplish, so all good!! Thanks again Misery, Majica, and Darkphoenix

I do wonder now though, that if I had set it to 'all instruments mode' if it would have made a difference? It probably still wouldn't have allowed 3 guitars connected, but would it have let the keyboard be used too? (even though i would have sucked playing it on hard lol!)

Originally Posted by Majica8 View Post
Sounds good, I still need the Overdrive achievement too so would be happy to go for that after. Don't know the best song to use when going for it with a 4 player band though, I guess something long and on an easier difficulty.
We've got a slight change, in that Misery will play Hard on guitar now instead of Expert. But that should still be fine for getting the score, based on what you've posted previously

And yea, i've already got the overdrive achievement myself but that was from a dlc song. As mentioned, I do still need the 90 second in-game goal though. I'm really not sure what song on-disc would be best, but like you say something that has a bit of length to it, and everyone can play on whatever difficulty they feel most comfortable with.

I'll say it's drummers choice as ultimately it will be you who will want to start the overdrive chain , then we'll all follow suit, say guitar-bass-keys.

If we use this same method in Freebird once we've hit 1million, it may possibly work then, i really don't know how much time we'll have spare iin the song though.

Oh, when we're going for the score in Freebird, you've said it's best deploying overdrive when at 3/4 or full overdrive (obv makes sense lol) i'm assuming we'll all wait for the first overdrive deploy until all four have built up our bars, and again just wait for your lead on that?

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