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Thank god for the trial. I had hope for this game and I wanted it to be good. The concept itself is good but the actual product is terrible. The cover system is flawed, you walk as fast as you would while prone in COD, quickmatch is useless, very laggy. They tried for the success and greatness of Battlefield 1943 and failed miserably.

Hopefully Atomic can put this piece of sh1t behind them and concentrate on 6 Days in Fallujah (IK ITS CANCELED)

+Another thing I noticed while using the auto turret it if you shoot all the bricks in out of the wall except for one in the middle, you get a floating brick. Same with fence slates (Shoot out the right and left + the top and bottom). This is'nt a game breacker (Its already broken) but it comes across as sloppy and lazy.
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