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Originally Posted by Majica8 View Post
No problem, thanks, and also thanks to Misery and Darkphoenix. As I said I already had the million points one but needed the OD one. Both were pretty easy in the end.

Btw, if you enable "All instruments mode" you can't play on XBL, it's for local multiplayer only. Online you can have any 2 of guitar, keys or bass, plus vocals and drums. Sucks but I guess they have their reasons (although no idea what they would be)
Ahh I see! Yea it's def a shame that you can't have all 5 at once playing over live, good job I didn't arrange for an extra perrson to play with us haha.

I hope you manage to find a group to play with on a regular basis, like your original post suggested. Maybe it might be worth doing what I did and start messaging people who have posted previously? (Even Darkphoenix and/or Misery might continue to play with you?) So much of the time people only make a post asking others to "message them if interested", but never take the time to arrange something themselves lol.

I've arranged groups for boosting on games a couple of times now, and it's ended up being so much more effective.
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