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I'll definitely buy the next one - AND... I may not even wait for a sale price! The game play is really only worth the price I paid (which was 600 MS Points)... but the cut-scenes are HILARIOUS (and worth $15.00 just for those... short as they might be, pasted together)!!!

I've gone back and re-played a few levels - even after getting all the achievements... just to watch the cut-scenes. I wish I had an HD capture card for my PC, so I could capture all the scenes (from my Xbox 360) and paste them together into a mini-movie. I'll probably just buy the PC version and do it with that, since the HD capture card I want is about $300.00!

I've read the Blade Kitten comic on line. I've been saving the pages, so I can read them again - and without that delay of each page loading. I'll probably even buy one of those color e-book readers (which I've been wanting to get for a about year now, anyway)... so I can read that, e-books and other documents on the go.

I'd recommend that everyone who likes the game (as a whole... NOT just for the game-play)... to tell your friends to buy the game - no matter which platform... and maybe even post on the Blade Kitten forum and let the developer know how much you like the game!

Oh... one final suggestion: When leaving comments about how much you like the game, be sure to mention if you'd like to see an animated movie (or TV series) about Blade Kitten (including having the same actor do Kit Ballard's voice... she did a GREAT job in the game)!!!

Actually... a "Blade Kitten" animated series would not only be VERY popular (I really can't imagine it not being a hit)... it would generate more interest in the game(s), too!
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