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wow so much hate so much hate... guys this is not your standart COD MW2 rip-off this is not meant to be like one. now i don't know any of you but i don't think a lot of you guys had to do some miles in full military gear. it's not as comfortable as your standart running shoes.

sadly i gotta agree about the process of joining a game. i haven't experienced any lag yet, but quick match fails miserably, and the whole server search/join process is rather broken.

and it doesn't save my xp something about "profile not found" or stuff

moving to game play. i dont see what's the problem with cover. i always snap to it as i want and atleast for me the shooting part from is rather convenient.

we shouldn't forget that atomic isn't something as big as EA so don't expect crysis graphics (although they could have srsly improved that -.-).

destruction is decent, i smacked a few guys down from a wooden bridge with rpg and ripped open some buildings for my teammates with charges.

one thing that really annoys me is that the game usually starts as any other shooter, but in ~2 min. it turns to a sniper war. ALWAYS. because the sniper is so Imba ( or should i say balanced like real-life) that he pwns without leaving hope for other.

all in all i like this game mainly because it's "real" and it just kinda makes you think a bit instead of rushing in at random. i really hope they get a bug-fix soon, it's rather annoying right now. so to finish it i say dont even try the trial now. wait for a month or so (or i dunno how long for a patch to come) and THEN try it
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