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Until now.

I disagree with you in saying this is the worst voice acting. Maybe it was some of the worst you have sat through, then in that case, you must not have played many games which isn't too farfetched. This game is not meant to be scary at all. It is just a simple prequel to the story of Dead Space 2. I know I played DS2 all the way through before playing ignition, and at the beginning of the game I was like, "who's this black guy that just died?" It's not the best, I definitely understand that. But that doesn't make it the worst. I happen to like the comic styling of the game, it's a neat feel to a game like this. Plus, it's just a cut scene... No big deal really. It was a cheaply made game, that majority of people got for free, and others buy for fairly cheap. So what's the big deal? Who cares if it's not a good game. Just get the damn achievements, and then leave it alone.
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