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Originally Posted by Gamma View Post
I believe that freedom is all about choice, and I believe that each and every one of those slaves should have been allowed to choose if they wanted to stay in the virtual world, or leave and face the real world.
I agree, but I don't think they were given a choice. They were abducted from their homes, put in slave ships, and migrated en masse to the Pyramid. Monkey and Trip were about half way through the journey when they escaped, and they obviously didn't get a choice.

Originally Posted by Gamma View Post
You have to imagine what's awaiting them in the real world. The population of the Earth has been reduced to 50,000. How many of those people would die in the war to exterminate the mechs? And exterminating the mechs might not even be possible since it's stated that they can self replicate. And how many more of those people would die of thirst and starvation? The game implies that food and drinkable water is not exactly easy to come by. Trip's village was able to provide for themselves, but like Trip said, they were a closed ecosystem with very few people.
Based on the mech populace of the Leviathan and the mega-scorpion mechs, people can also control mechs. Not a whole lot would have to die if they made a massive production line of mechs and gradually expanded their civilization. They could use the Pyramid as a base since it's already got a large defense system, and it seems to be self-sufficient as well in terms of resources since it supports a massive population.

Originally Posted by Gamma View Post
If people want to spend their lives trying to bring the world back from the brink of extinction, then more power to them. However, the sad truth is that the world may be too far gone to save. If this was the case, wouldn't you rather live in a lie rather than in a world without hope? At least then you might be able to find a little happiness and meaning for your life instead of wandering the wastelands waiting for the end.
Any happiness or meaning you found would be a lie, just as much so as your life. Your entire existence would be nothing more than data. I would rather go down fighting for something I care about than living in a mindless society of nothingness. If there isn't any hope, then you have to start it and make a difference. Even if you die, other people will continue what you started, and once something like that gets rolling, there's no stopping it.

Originally Posted by Gamma View Post
So like I said before, I don't believe that Trip had the right to make that decision for all those people.
I know opinions will differ, and I'm not so much trying to sway your opinion as explain why I disagree. Plus, it's just a fun debate to have
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