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Originally Posted by Todaysforgotten View Post
Ill be trying this game sometime soon on the PC and it makes me wonder if all the bickering is simply from frustration with multiplayer or people not giving the game more than 3 seconds (more than likely) or my favorite just wanting to waste money to get achievements and now their panties are in a bunch. But its my money and i like to do it...thats great. I like to play video games.
This sounds like one of the unneeded attacks at the people who posted here. Most of them are complaining about gameplay which is what matters. That means they are complaining about multiplayer, yes, because this is a multiplayer game. Only 2-3 people have complained about the XP grind so i'm not sure where you got that from.

OT: I haven't yet played this but from the sounds of this it is a good thing i haven't wasted my time...
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