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Originally Posted by Neverender View Post
I agree, but I don't think they were given a choice. They were abducted from their homes, put in slave ships, and migrated en masse to the Pyramid. Monkey and Trip were about half way through the journey when they escaped, and they obviously didn't get a choice.
Exactly. None of them were given a choice by either Pyramid, or by Trip. Obviously Pyramid was much more in the wrong because of the kidnappings and murders like you said though.

Originally Posted by Neverender View Post
Based on the mech populace of the Leviathan and the mega-scorpion mechs, people can also control mechs. Not a whole lot would have to die if they made a massive production line of mechs and gradually expanded their civilization. They could use the Pyramid as a base since it's already got a large defense system, and it seems to be self-sufficient as well in terms of resources since it supports a massive population.
I think the mega-scorpions were being controlled remotely by Pyramid, but now you make me wonder if there are wild mega-scorpions wandering the wastelands. O_o And if that's the case, then even another Leviathan couldn't stand up to all of them. Plus you couldn't really use another Leviathan or mega-scorpions to do away with the smaller mechs. That's like using C4 to get rid of a beehive. It's just overkill, and would probably just end up destroying the Earth even more.

Originally Posted by Neverender View Post
Any happiness or meaning you found would be a lie, just as much so as your life. Your entire existence would be nothing more than data. I would rather go down fighting for something I care about than living in a mindless society of nothingness. If there isn't any hope, then you have to start it and make a difference. Even if you die, other people will continue what you started, and once something like that gets rolling, there's no stopping it.
I suppose it would depend on the kind of person you are. Personally, I would probably want to go out fighting too. But it's like you said, people shouldn't be forced to fight for a cause that they don't believe in. For some people, there's just no way for them to find happiness or meaning in the post-apocalyptic world, especially now that they've been exposed to the pre-apocalyptic world. Some people might even be driven mad after being ripped from the fantasy to which they've become accustomed. Like Pyramid said, most of those people had lives and families inside the virtual world. Even though it may not be real, it sure feels real to them.

I hate to use the Matrix as an example here since it's been compared to this game a million times already, but look what happened with the character of Cypher. He was willing to do anything to return to his fake life, even murder all of his shipmates. I'm sure more than a few of those slaves would have similar reactions. You just never can tell with people sometimes.

Originally Posted by Neverender View Post
I know opinions will differ, and I'm not so much trying to sway your opinion as explain why I disagree. Plus, it's just a fun debate to have
Oh I know, and I'm the same way. I always enjoy a good point counterpoint, especially when it involves a story as awesome as this one. It's the main reason I loved the ending too because it paves the way for discussions like this thread has. I've been wanting to talk to my friends about it, but I can't get any of them to play the game. XD
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