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Originally Posted by Gamma View Post
I think the mega-scorpions were being controlled remotely by Pyramid, but now you make me wonder if there are wild mega-scorpions wandering the wastelands. O_o And if that's the case, then even another Leviathan couldn't stand up to all of them. Plus you couldn't really use another Leviathan or mega-scorpions to do away with the smaller mechs. That's like using C4 to get rid of a beehive. It's just overkill, and would probably just end up destroying the Earth even more.
Never thought of it that way, but if humanity was dedicated to surviving, they could definitely make at least a significant dent in the mech population. Quoting music would sound kind of cheesy in this situation, but "Rise or Die Trying" seems to be fitting for the scenario.

Originally Posted by Gamma View Post
I suppose it would depend on the kind of person you are. Personally, I would probably want to go out fighting too. But it's like you said, people shouldn't be forced to fight for a cause that they don't believe in. For some people, there's just no way for them to find happiness or meaning in the post-apocalyptic world, especially now that they've been exposed to the pre-apocalyptic world. Some people might even be driven mad after being ripped from the fantasy to which they've become accustomed. Like Pyramid said, most of those people had lives and families inside the virtual world. Even though it may not be real, it sure feels real to them.
I wouldn't suggest throwing people into war, but attempting to inspire people to action. Some people still wouldn't want to help, and you can't blame them for that, but what else could they do? They could mope around all day or do something about it, and when they did something it would be beneficial to this movement.

You would lose some people in the transition back to reality, but Pyramid is to blame for that. We don't know how realistic it was or how many people there were in Pyramid, so it's impossible to get an accurate estimate of the number lost, but I would assume you'd still have a substantial force afterwards.

Originally Posted by Gamma View Post
I hate to use the Matrix as an example here since it's been compared to this game a million times already, but look what happened with the character of Cypher. He was willing to do anything to return to his fake life, even murder all of his shipmates. I'm sure more than a few of those slaves would have similar reactions. You just never can tell with people sometimes.
Believe it or not, I've never seen the Matrix (it's on my Blockbuster que >.<), but I can imagine. Again, that relates back to not knowing how realistic the Pyramid was, what the effects of detachment are, and the number of people attached. I'm assuming we'll find these out if there's a sequel, but we don't know for sure, so it's hard to make an estimate on that.

Originally Posted by Gamma View Post
Oh I know, and I'm the same way. I always enjoy a good point counterpoint, especially when it involves a story as awesome as this one. It's the main reason I loved the ending too because it paves the way for discussions like this thread has. I've been wanting to talk to my friends about it, but I can't get any of them to play the game. XD
All my friends say they'll get around to it eventually, but they're also the people who clock countless hours on Reach or BlOps multiplayer, so I'm pessimistic they'll actually do it. I feel your pain.
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