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Achievement Guide and Road Map

Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 3/10
Offline: 12 (200)
Online: 0
Approximate amount of time to 200: 3-4 hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
Missable Achievements: Little Helper and Points in Paint
Do cheats disable achievements: No Cheats
Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
Glitchy Achievements: None
Unobtainable Achievements: None
Extra Equipment Needed: None

Axel and Pixel is a point and click style adventure game, so right of the bat, you know it isnít going to be that difficult. If you have the game, you can probably complete it in a lazy afternoon without putting too much effort into it. You donít need to do much preparation, so just dive right in.

Step 1: Story Mode

Youíll need to get through 24 chapters of adventure goodness and an Outro chapter to pass this mode. None of the chapters are particularly hard, and you should manage to pass most of the levels just by clicking on the obvious points on the screen. However, some of the items you need to click on are pretty small, and some of the actions are mildly absurd, since the world is a dreamscape. If you ever get stuck, refer to the walkthrough HERE to see the next steps in the chapter. Youíll get the Good Start and four "season" achievements for getting through the story.

You also need to find 20 bones, 8 pieces of the masterpiece and 8 colour tubes hidden throughout the game. A lot of these are obvious, and you can press to bring up the collectable counters and see if there are any items hidden in the chapter. The walkthrough contains the item locations, so refer to that if you ever get stuck. You can replay any chapter after completing it, so if you miss an item, you can always go back for it. Dogís Dinner will unlock immediately after picking up the 20th bone, but you will need to play the Outro Chapter again to get the Master Painter achievement.

Finally, do not hold for a hint. They cost you points and could prevent you from getting the Points in Painting achievement, not to mention that you canít use more than 20 and get the Little Helper achievement. If you do use more than 20 hints, you will need to restart the game. You cannot go back and replay the level to remove your use of hints or gain a time bonus, making these two achievements missable. Refer to the guide below for more info on any specific achievement.

Step 2: Mini-Games

Over the course of the story, you will unlock 3 different mini-games with the vehicles you create. None of them are terribly difficult, but each may take you a few tries. If you are struggling, the guide below contains a few tips and strategies. The three ďGreatĒ achievements might take a few tries, but shouldnít take more than an hour total, depending on how many times you need to attempt them.

Axel and Pixel is definitely a simple game, and a quick 200, so there really isnít much to prevent you from the almost Monty Python-esque animation in the game.

Achievement Guide:

Good Start!5 Complete first chapter.

Story related, so you canít miss it. Youíll get this after chasing off the rat and advancing to Chapter 2.

Spring10 Complete spring season.

Story related, so you canít miss it. Youíll get this after completing the balloon course at the end of Chapter 6.

Summer10 Complete summer season.

Story related, so you canít miss it. Youíll get this after completing the driving level at the end of Chapter 13.

Autumn10 Complete autumn season.

Story related, so you canít miss it. Youíll get this after completing the boating course at the end of Chapter 20.

Winter10 Complete winter season and defeat the Ice Giant.

Story related, so you canít miss it. Youíll get this after defeating the Ice Giant at the end of Chapter 24. If you get stuck at any point in the story, you can always press to get a hint, though you will lose points for doing so. Your better bet is to refer to the walkthrough HERE.
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