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Master Painter30 Complete the masterpiece.

To get this, you will need to collect all 8 pieces of the painting and all 8 colour tubes hidden throughout the game. If you press on a level, you can see what collectables are still hidden in the level. If none of the collectables have a star beside the number, you have found everything in the level. If you are stuck, refer to the walkthrough HERE for item locations. This will unlock at the end of the Outro, if you got them all in your first run. You can go back to previous levels to collect anything you missed, and replay the Outro to unlock the achievement when you have everything.

Dog's Dinner10 Find all bones.

There are 20 bones hidden throughout the game, with 7 on both the balloon course and the boating course. Like the painting pieces, you can press to see if there are any bones hidden on the current level. You can find the bone locations in the walkthrough HERE. This will unlock in Chapter 21 if you did everything in the first run.

Great Aviator15 Score over 10000 points in the balloon minigame.

You’ll unlock this mini-game after completing Chapter 6. Getting 10,000 points is not terribly difficult, though it may take you a few tries. You get points for passing each checkpoint, so it isn’t necessary to collect every star to get the achievement. Play it safe, particularly as the course speeds up, and you shouldn’t have too many problems getting this achievement. As with the boat course, don’t risk your balloon going for tricky little stars, since they are only worth 10 points, and the large stars are worth 50, compared with 250 for a checkpoint and 500 for a red star.

Great Driver15 Score over 10000 points in the car minigame.

You’ll unlock the second and third car mini games after completing Chapter 13. This does not need to be done in a single game, since you can only get 5000 points per level if you somehow finish instantly. You have 3 courses to get a cumulative score of 10,000, but if you have completed the driving course in Chapter 13, you shouldn’t have too much trouble on the first 2 courses and should be able to get at least 3500 points on each. Course 1 is the one in the story, so it should hold no surprises. I never took my thumb off and managed almost 3900 points on the second course first try, to give you a sense of relative difficulty. Course 3 is comparatively difficult and may take a few tries, but if you did well on the first 2, it should just be a matter of getting through it for 2500-3000 points. Use the to lean and keep both wheels on the ground and you should be fine.

Great Sailor15 Score over 10000 points in the boat minigame.

You’ll unlock this mini-game after completing Chapter 20. This can be an annoying achievement as the controls are not as intuitive in this minigame, but it is not overly difficult once you get the hang of it. The scoring is fairly similar to the balloon course, so play it safe and avoid the walls and the whirlpools, particularly on your third time through (the level is an endless loop, like the balloon course). Try to get the yellow stars, since they are worth 500 points each, but the key to this game is longevity. Little stars only give you 10 points, while checkpoints yield 250 and the big stars yield 50. Don’t risk your ship going after the little stars, focus on avoiding the walls and the whirlpools instead. You will probably reach 10,000 points around the middle of your third lap of the course this way.

Little Helper20 Complete the story under 20 clues.

You can get up to 3 hints per level by holding , but using too many will cost you this achievement. It also costs you points to use a hint, so you are better off checking the walkthrough HERE if you ever get stuck. This will unlock after the Outro.

Points in Paint50 Complete the story with the score over 42000 points.

You get 1000 points for getting through a chapter, 500 points for getting a collectable and a few points for finishing a level quickly, but you will lose points for using a hint. If you collect everything, but get no time bonuses and use no hints, you will finish with 42,000 points exactly, so you will need at least 1 point of time bonus to unlock this. You can check the amount off time bonus points remaining by pressing and looking beside the hourglass in the upper left corner. Hints cost 500 points each and will eliminate any points you get for finishing the chapter quickly, so to avoid using them refer to the walkthrough HERE if you get stuck. You will get this at the end of the Outro if you managed to gain enough points. To clarify some rumours, the minigames do not count toward this score, and you cannot replay a level to remove a hint or add a time bonus. If you have gathered all the collectables, replayed the Outro and still don't have 42,000 points, you will have to start a new game.
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