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Issues with The Pitt

I found the tunnel to The Pitt, but when I click on the cart to take me I get a message saying

"This tunnel leads to a complicated network of tunnels and old highways that travel far to the northwest, to The Pitt. You cannot make the journey at this time"

And my only option is "Stay in the Capital Wasteland"

Do I have to be a certain level to enter?
Do I have to do something special to enter?

I am currently level 19
Bought 360 in 2007 - finally reached 10k GS this year.

Games I'm working on 1000
Fallout 3 - just started playing but eh.
Fable 2 - Beat the game - must mop up crap now

Games I hit 1000
Too Human
Borderlands (Not finished DLC 100% yet though)
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