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Originally Posted by Necrophage33 View Post
For some reason I'm having a hard time with the two volleyball achievements: 1)scoring with your head or feet, and 2) blocking a spike.

1) I don't understand how to hit it over the net with my foot or head. If my avatar is in the back, no matter what body part I use, the ball gets bumped to the computer player in the front. If my avatar is in the front, no matter what body part I use, it automatically sets the ball for my computer player to spike. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

2) My avatar practically never moves to the front of the net. Will this happen more often on harder difficulties? I've moved to the net a couple times in like 5 games but have yet to have a spike thrown at me where the two hands pop up for me to block it.

Thanks for any help.
1) I got it in a weird way...
When i should jump and hit the ball with my hand, I just jumped and the ball hit my head and I scored...
It's easier on the easiest difficulty

2) This was easy for me, when you are in the net and you see your opponent is going to hit the ball, you just have to jump and lift your hands, like if you were blocking in a real volleyball game...

I hope I helped you...

Sorry if I any word is wrong, because I'm Brazilian...
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