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Originally Posted by JohnnyBoosh View Post
Any one actual beaten Extreme solo?
I did. Easier than co-op. The cover glitch is awesome. If you take cover and lean out they kill you just like that. But not taking cover just strafe out the cover and you are good because you can hit them but they can't hit you. The starting is hard because those thugs only have those () shaped machinepistols and those are crappy. You basically can't hit anything. Pistols are great especially Lynch's magnum for those levels. The defending parts are the hardest. Defending the car is not easy but later defnding the stupid british boss is a bit harder just tke it SLOW. 4 shots and you are dead except it is a shotgun from a distance thats 2. Later in the game the MG and those very accurate assault rifles are the best, not the AK47 shaped ones.

And always bring those CANISTERS.
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