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That review went up just after finding out it was what lovefilm (uk version of gamefly) were sending me. I've gotta say it pretty much nailed it. It's a seriously poor shooter with a few clever ideas that don't really work all that well. If that weren't bad enough you've also got to endure a terrible story which is badly delivered by what sounds like some generic voice library from a dynasty warriors game. Enemies take way too much of a beating, including 5 headshots to one guy earlier. Aiming and movement is stiff and awkward and the cover system simply doesn't work. With all this going on you'd think they'd allow you to feel like you can take a break from it, well tough, there's no pause function here! The "mindjack" thing's ok but in all actuality it's merely a fine polish on what is quite simply a lump of analy excreted matter. This one's well worth avoiding at all costs.
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