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Originally Posted by mikachu93 View Post
Last I heard, a Pro bass was nothing more than a thought on Madcatz' mind.
If even that.

The Squier hasn't even launched, and they wouldn't start production on a Pro bass if the Pro guitar doesn't exceed expectations.
True. Although there is a 'yes, but' to it.

Beyond marketing this sort of technology to music stores, studios, teachers and the like, out in the mainstream non-game arena. Besides any considerations of leading sales from promoting and advertising products that have known demand in existing markets of all sorts.

There is a difference between putting it (the sensors and MIDI electronics etc) in one body versus putting it on another body as far as design and manufacture goes.

There is no huge difference between reworking a Squier body versus a P Bass body.

More thinner less widely spaced strings in a higher octave. Fewer thicker more widely spaced strings in a lower octave. Seems.... trivial, doesn't it. They might as well be the same thing.

Even so, this isn't just some video game company or aftermarket peripheral supplier we're talking about after all.

While I might question their sanity only offering pre-orders at Best Buy and a month exclusive at Best Buy, and wonder why there's not a bass to go along with it already, maybe they've got a good reason for all of that.

Okay, yeah, no. Whatever, it's still FMIC and really what else is there to say? They got the power!
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