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Originally Posted by LOCKDOWN123 View Post
Honestly, this game is awful I have never played a game that is this bad I mean for some examples

1. The graphics are "Argh this is giving me a sore head"
2. The sound "What sound"
3. The last mission at the very end is a laugh (is it possible?)
4. The AI is similar to Dead rising (mainly those delta force dudes on the second last mission)
5. The controls are a joke
6. The weapons and attachments are "nothing new"
7. The stealth parts just.....don't work

I mean honestly this could be the worst game I have ever played

Post your thought's (Does anyone actually enjoy it?)
I agree, this game was terrible. The only reason I could even think of liking it is the fact I enjoyed all of the older Conflict games which makes me disappointed when I think about this game. They should have kept it with four people. Also, what made them decide that you needed to have unlimited ammunition in the game? Yes, it is in there for people who don't believe me. All you have to do is keep going back to the weapon cache.

This game was just bad.
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