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Originally Posted by Abrupt D3mise View Post
Wow, if you think this is one of the worst shooters, your opinion as a gamer is completely irrelevant- perhaps if you have enough intelectual capacity to grasp the depth of combat and perfectly fluid and well implemented gameplay mechanics, you would realize a game like this requires real SKILL, unlike games like Call of Duty- also, you might try educating yourself in the unreal franchise a little (for example, try UT 2004). If you think this is one of the worst games on the 360, you are one the most pathetic people to inhabit this planet, let alone call themselves a member of a community dedicated to video game enthusiasts.
THIS. If you say a game is bad because you suck at it your opinion is automatically invalidated. For example, I am bad at Halo, but that does not make it a bad game by ANY means. Bad story? Fair enough, story has never been a focus in ANY Unreal games. Too long/difficult achievements? They are true achievements, where you actually have to ACHIEVE them (shocking, I know). And one of the worst shooters ever? I have two points for this: one, you clearly have very limited experience with shooters if this is even in your top ten. And two, arena shooters are different than the mindless, pick-up-and-play approach of a Call of Duty type game. Therefore, if you can't accept this fact I find no reason for your words to carry any weight at all.

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