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Originally Posted by skitz79 View Post
If you need the secret achievement tile for the guide i have attached it here, i got this last night and can confirm you need to play 3 hours "in game" without quiting out of the game (i played infinite mode on normal), you can go back to the games main menu but not your phones dashboard/homescreen, i hid in the top left corner for most of the time so idle time while "in game" still counts.

hope that helps
Before attempting this, I want to be sure: It is ok to lose all 5 lives and then start a new infinite game? As long as I don't go back to the dash and restart infinite games, it will count towards 3 hours achievement?

EDIT: **''ÄÄÄ"Ü!°" This game just crashed after an hour (went to dashboard on its own!) - happened for me the second time now and kind of makes this achievement impossible! this is really no fun that it keeps doing this oin its own!!!

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