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Thanks again, Tyger.
Couple notes:
-the guide link ( doesn't have the achievements in order like this thread does. I recommend to anyone to use this thread, and not the guide link
-when following this guide/roadmap, you'll easily beat the game in under 20 hours. After the campaign/arcade achievements, I still had 4 hours and 47 mins to burn
-the Deadly Nadder strategy works for most of the game, but towards the 4th and 5th tournaments, the other dragons are too fast. The game doesn't respond fast enough to me pressing Y. If they get too close, I recommend shielding until the let up their attacks. Then, use the Y Y Y combo and hopefully it stuns them, or knocks them back far enough. Then, you can continue the strategy. As Astrid, I only had this problem at the end of tournament 4, and for the last 2 Hiccup dragons. For the last boss (after Hiccup), I got 4 perfects for each dragon, because they weren't as quick.
-in arcade mode, you can use a leveled up Nadder from the Editor (like in your strategy) and it wont have the Y Y Y combo. You could basically just spam Y and win perfects pretty much every time.
-when going for the Expert challenge achievements, if you don't get the achievement with 1 dragon, and still got a Gold, switch to another dragon. It usually took me 2-4 tries to get the achievements on Expert challenges, but I was still getting Gold medals every time
-my "Ally or Enemy?" achievement didn't pop using the method in the guide. If this happens, when at the dragon select screen, press RB (IIRC) to import them again. It popped right after I did that.
-"Approximate amount of time to 1000" should probably be 23-25 hrs. 21 is pretty much impossible, thanks to "Viking Inhabitant"
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