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1) pick Kaoruko
2) Stage 1-1 (after tutorial) the first 2 girls running towards you kill them. This way you will take the route over the bridge. When you are in the middle of the bridge Miko will come from the right side, stop, scream and run away. This one is eay to get.
3) Stage 3-3, when hiding in the locker room do not kill the girls. Let them leave and the first time you turn around you will see 1 girl. Do not kill her, wait till all the girls are standing there, and tokidoki them (don't know if its required but that what I did and she showed up). The second time you look down from the ventilator Miko will peep from behind the left locker.
4) Finally in stage 5-2, after shooting the girls jumping down, you will see a girl and teacher running in the hallway. Tokidoki 1 of them, they need to be killed. Then you will look right and back left again. Miko will be running in the hallway. Unless you didn't kill the girl and teacher on sight.

When you know where and how to find them it's not that hard. But with sometimes you need to be fast. If you miss let you get killed. And you start at that part of the stage (ex.3-2) instead of going to the menu and the retry whole level.

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