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Deja Vu

I got some advice for Deja Vu which I just got. Like someone else mentioned, the 4 fruit don't have to come all at the same time so you can have one slice and get all 4 at the same time. Obviously, is you do it that way you'll get the achievement. What I'm trying to say is that you can slice 3 of the same fruit in a row, let two different drop and slice the next one that is similar to the previous 3 you sliced, for example.

I read this tip on so I don't take credit for it but it did helped me to get the achievement. I will however, write it differently.

1. When you start a Classic game, 6 fruit come out before the 1st bomb appears. You will try to get the achievement with these 6 fuits.
2. When the game starts, you will either get a Papaya or a Watermelon. Make sure that the first and second fruit that appear and you slice are Papayas.
3. Then two more fruit will appear at the same time. If a Papaya is one of them, slice it and let the other one drop.
4. Then two more fruit will appear at the same time. Again, if a Papaya is one of them, slice it and the achievement should pop.
5. If some of these conditions don't happen, immediately pause and restart the game untill it happens. This will obviously take a few tries but you will get it eventually.
6. The same can be applied with watermelons so if the first two fruits are Watermelons go for it.
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