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Ok, I guess I already had the Water Balloons after drinking from a water fountain (good way to see if you completed it). So that shoots that theory out the window. It seems that there may be more than meets the eye for getting the 100% completion than things people have listed here. I would love to investigate this further myself but I'm already getting bored with Bully anyways.

Well, for a long time I was stuck at 98.34% then I noticed you actually need to "WIN" the Penalty Shootouts and Keep-Ups (needed Keep-Up) which got me to 99.17%. Then I also noticed that doing Errands seems to give individual amounts (which I have not verified myself yet), so I decided to look over the Bully Wiki to figure out which 10 I may still need. In looking over the lists I noticed that there was one Errand which you receive the ability to use Water Balloons from that I failed and never went back to. I was mainly wondering if you can get 100% without obtaining this? I intend to find this out myself by doing the remaining 9 errands before completing that errand, but that may take me weeks or months (as I am finding other games to play).

Originally Posted by anthropomorfism View Post
YES! FINALLY! 100%! After a second meticulous playthrough, this game is completed! Now to Gamestop for $3 in trade-in value.
Wow three whole dollars when they sell the game for Twenty used. I will always look for a small Used Video Game Store in whatever area I live in then ask them over the phone what they will give for a game and it's usually higher than the National Chains like Gamestop.
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