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I just finished my first play thru of this game, and I have to say I am in absolute awe.

Ok, so the story isn't completely there. Apparently there is a lot more to the background that they do not show. This isn't that big of a deal to me, mainly because this is something a lot of games have been doing for some time. Look at Gears of War! It being linear doesn't really matter, in fact it makes sense. Again, I refer to Gears of War. I would refer to Halo, but I don't think that counts.

Bugs and glitches? I didn't encounter any (maybe virtue of coming in after patches released)

Lack of any sort of multiplayer apparently is an issue for a lot of gamers these days. Article elsewhere on the site about that, i think it even mentions this game. It's sad, but I think this game could support a MP style.

I feel this game has a fair bit of replay-ability, mostly just in the fact that it's fun to load a level, almost any level at random, and rampage thru all the mechs, looking for different ways to blow them up with what's available.

As far as advertising, I do recall seeing some commercials, and there was an add on either or that made me aware and curious about the game. It was on my 'to get once done I can afford it' list.

I have actually been bugging all my friends to get this game. I think it was good enough for that, and I would love to see the obviously intended sequel. Hopefully, like Gears of War, the sequel will shed more light on the setting, and why the Hillary Clinton-esque president was plotting with a pseudo-commy.
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