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Originally Posted by kristina89sm View Post
i have a problem in normandie. i've cleared all free play targets, my hole map is done, but in this area my stats says that i have one more suply drop and nazi tower to destroy, although there's no white dots on the map. also i've seen that i have detroyed 7/5 nazi sniper nest. i realize that there is some glithc, but how can i fix it without playing all over again ... please help me...
You may not need to fix it. The free play requirement for each area allows you to miss several freeplay events and still get the achievement. Normandy is part of The Countryside area, which is made up of all areas outside paris except for Le Havre and Saarbrucken. Just keep clearing the rest of the countryside areas and see if the achievement pops. You might even find some missing Normandy events while you're searching as there are some events which seem to be outside of the area that they're counted in.
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