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Originally Posted by kristina89sm View Post
i have nothing left to clear, i've done the whole map and i've killed dierker before i started with freeplay targets... i won every perk... is killing dierker the last thing i should do to finish the game? cos i already done it and i expected something to happen when i clear white dots... i guess, my game ended before i even started
Afaik nothing happens when you clear the last white dot as you should already have all the freeplay achievements by then. Have you checked your achievements to see if you have all 6? The ones you should have are for :
Le Havre
The Countryside
Paris 1
Paris 2
Paris 3

I'm not sure of the actual achievement names but you should be able to find them in the guide. If you are still missing any with no events left to clear then I guess the game must have glitched for you.
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