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Actually, it may be possible to get the achievement without JoWood patching the game.

The glitch prevents your character from learning certain recipes because the game thinks your character has ALREADY learned them. This glitch makes it impossible to craft certain items because there is no way to get the recipe on your crafting list.

But the game DOES think you have learned the recipe. So it may be possible to get the achievement if 1) the glitched recipes the game thinks you have already learned count towards the achievement, AND 2) all recipes missing from the main game are available in the DLC.

So whether the upcoming DLC will allow us to get the achievement depends on: 1) whether the game counts the glitched recipes towards the achievement or whether the recipes actually have to be in your crafting list before they will count towards the achievement, and 2) whether the recipes missing from the main game will be available in the DLC.

Not being able to craft an item doesn't bother me too much, but not being able to get 1000 points because of a glitch after spending hours trying to do so does bother me.

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