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Secret. (May contain Spoilers)

Pancake - Crush an enemy between a wall and a heavy object.
Mass Extinction - Stomp someone to death with the MechaTon.(this is the mechanical dinosaur unlocked in the story press RB to smash).
Kill-O-Watt. - Push an enemy into an electric building in Mechaton's mini-city.(can be obtained in the same chapter as the previous skillshot you will be walking around a toy sized city simply kick an enemy into one of the building shooting off electricty.)
Fish Food - Feed the fish with an enemy. (Once you progress through the story and find the girl there are plenty of opportunities to kick an enemy into the small pond areas these are full of piranha)
Floater - Kick an enemy into the streaming water. (Simply kick an enemy into a stream of water, possible in Act 3 Ch 2.)
Grinder - Kill an enemy on the big water wheel. (Through story progression you will be at a Dam an see large spinning grinders simple kick an enemy into this to unlock.)
Man Toast -Kill enemies using the reactors. ( Act 3 Ch 2, when you are chasing down trishka you will enter a room with large reactors,kick a guy into the flames for this to unlock.)
Tenderizer - Kill an enemy using an elevator. (If you played the demo you will know how to get this skillshot,simply call down the elevator to kill to bunch of skulls coming after you.)
Ding Dong - Kill an enemy by opening the doors in the "ceiling" in the collapsed building. (again if you played the demo you will know this skillshot, during campaign you will enter a collapsing building and have the opportunity to use your leash to open a door in the ceiling,thus bringing rocks down on unsuspecting enemies.)
Halloween - Nom on head, then kick him into an electric object. (available in Act 5 Ch 3 simple put a nom on an enemies head then kick them into one of the advertisement boards.)
Steady Hand - Only hit the weakspot of a burnout and kill him. (you will meet these guys later on in the game just simply shot the orange weakspots on them to kill them.)
Dino-Sore - Get a successful hit on Hekaton's neck wound. (Story related unmissable.)
Outburst - Push an enemy into the storm. (Later on in the game there will be a storm while you are inside, simply kick an enemy out into the electric storm to unlock this skillshot.)
Sucker - Kill enemies using the giant fans.(simply kick or leash an enemy into a giant fan.)
Forced - Kill an enemy by flinging them into an electromagnetic pulse barrier. ( Act 7 Ch 2 acheived by leashing/kicking a soldier into the laser barrier that appears when you turn on the airlock to release the chambers.)
Ejaculated - Jettison the Heavy Echoes in Cargo Hold. (Act 7 Ch 2 simply activate the Airlock sequence and dumping troops from the ship.)
Weed Killer - Kill the Flytrap Boss. (Story Related unmissable)
Minced Meat - Kill the 1st Burnout miniboss. (Story Related unmissable)
Grilled Meat - Kill the 2nd Burnout miniboss. (Story Related unmissable)

Stringer - Act 7 Ch 2 Just after the second air lock you'll encounter a group of 4 enemies and a machine gun. These 4 enemies are tightly knit together and when using the charged drill shot you'll be able to suspend one in mid-air while the other one is almost directly behind him.

Lucky Shot - (As mentioned above) Go to Act 4 Ch 2 and go to the top of the stairs with the hot dog cart. Kick the 2 enemies that run towards you and go to the left stairs, there should be one enemy that runs into the side of a electronic sign (Big square sign) this is almost directly at the bottom of the stairs and he'll stay there and shoot from cover. The only way you can get this is by shooting the cannonball WITHOUT holding down the trigger, lucky shot is for killing an enemy with the explosion upon hitting the ground.

Nut Cracker - You don't actually have to guide the bullet into the enemies crotch. I did this skillshot by aiming at an emey with another enemy behind him, aim in the general area of the "behind" enemy and you may press B the make the bullet instantly shoot in a straight line (becoming like a normal fast sniper bullet). This enemy should be firing at you and he'll leave his crotch exposed.

Fly Guy - Act 2 Ch 1 - There's a swarm of flies over a pool of water with a Drop Box in the water as well. There should be enemies shooting you from the pillars across. There will be 2 regular Skulls and a couple of "firework-shooting" enemies. You can leash the normal enemies and then look up, as well as press up with the LS as well (This worked for me). If you run out of normal enemies, don't fret you can shoot the firework-shooters and they'll flinch you can then grab them too and continue trying. However if all that fails you can also reload checkpoint as well.

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