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I'm not bitching...I'm just saying-

I have two main gripes with this game. Firstly, I wish it had matchmaking so that I could just play a firefight or campaign whenever I wanted to. This is minor offense to me though as I haven't touched the game since getting 1k-

My second problem is much more pertinent though. I don't understand why when going for Endure a player losing connection should cost the rest of the team the achievement and attempt. Especially when it's something that can be over a 2 hour time investment-

Obviously the achievement states that it needs to be done with 4 players. Yet still, it's definitely harder to do with 3 people and the players would be getting no advantage, so why wouldn't Bungie just let the remaining players continue?!

My first attempt we got rushed and failed on the very last wave of the 4th set. My next attempt the following day, to our dismay, a player disconnected during the middle of the 3rd set. And after an hour break we got a new player and completed Endure on my 3rd try-

Still, the 4th set was far more stressful than it needed to be, not because of a lack of skill, but a lack of faith in the connection and this poor design of ODST is truly a travesty-

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