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Here's the MP list for you. Can only be done in Anarchy Mode. You'll have to decide on where's best to get them but I'd say these can be done on most if not all maps! Some though can only be done on certain maps!

Barrels of Fun - A player kicks, leashes, or slides into an enemy, then a teammate kicks a barrel that explodes and kill then enemy.

Blood Bath - On Turbine, use the juicer to kill an enemy. <---These are the fans up high in the centre of the map.

Blood Fountain - On Waterworks, use the river to kill an enemy.

Blood Symphony - A player kicks, leashes, or slides into an enemy while in Blood Symphony mode.

Das Boot - You and at least one friend kick an enemy to death.

Double Penetration - Two players shoot an enemy and then the enemy dies. <--- Best gun to use is the PMC. Every teammate that scores a hit earns this skillshot when the enemy dies.

Fish Chow - On Junkyard, use the water fall to kill an enemy.

Flattery - On Grand Central, use the elevators to kill an enemy. <--- Push an enemy into the elevator shaft then use the leash to pull down the elevator, crushing your victim.

Ground Chuck - On Power Plant, use the grinder to kill an enemy.

Heat Wave - Two players use PMC charged shots on a miniboss enemy at the same time.

Make a Wish - On Grand Central, use the fountain to kill an enemy.

Man Crush - On Junkyard, use the crusher to kill an enemy.

Meatspin - On Grand Central, use the revolving doors to kill an enemy.

Midnight Express - On Grand Central, use the monorail to kill an enemy.

Nom Nom Nom - On Dead Rock, use the dinosaur skull to kill an enemy.

Not in Kansas - On Dead Rock, use the tornado to kill an enemy.

Royal Flush - On Waterworks, use the tubes to kill an enemy.

Savior - Kill an enemy that's attacking your teammate at close range. <--- If a teammate is being pummeled at close range, kill the enemy performing the melee strikes.

Tug-O-War - Enemy leash-grabbed by two or more players at the same time.

Yoink - A player kicks, leashes, or slides into an enemy, then a teammate leashes the enemy away and kills him.

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