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I just though I would post some advice on three skill shots that current descriptions I think are either lacking or there is a better way to do.

For Fireworks (Screamer) you should mention that it only really shoots them high enough when you stand directly under them and shoot the flare directly upwards into them.

For Gunslinger (Screamer) what I believe to be the hardest in the game, there is good spots on Act 2 chapter 1: Damsel in Distress as it has lots of glowing red enemies who explode. Trick is to get as close as possible but not let them wrap chain around you and quickly press in basically both triggers at once (right a split second later) and do this twice in a row. It is still hard this method but after a bit of trial and error I got it and I think this is the best way.

For Air Strike (Penetrator) Here is a really good you tube video showing how to do it quickly, you can just write the method it uses

Hope it helps!

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