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Originally Posted by nappster187 View Post
Why make a second guide for a game that really didnt even need 1 in the first place... with the exception of writing out every challenge they are pretty much the same....
Good question, but don't know who did the guide first. I personally likes this guide better than other. This one is more detailed and more explained to how get these in a quickly way. Other guy's guide is lazy, slap in the face to tell you the same description of each achievements but really don't tell you how you exactly get this such an example, how do you get Rowdy's Derby? This guide tell you that which other guide dont.

EDIT: After playing this game for a couple hours and beating Amateur cup, I only got 10 performance points invested in the car so far. How in the world you end up getting all points for Gearhead achievement by end of the Amateur cup??? I placed all 1st except 3rd place in the last race of Amatuer cup. So how is that possible? It making me worried that I might have not had enough points to invested by finish all 3 cups.

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