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Originally Posted by XxHamRxX View Post
Does anyone have any tips for the "Jumpship" Echo? It is the last one I need to 3 star but I can't get good skillshots because they take way too much damage
Off the top of my head there are least three unique skill shots you can get on that level. Try to get them as they will increase your score by quite a bit, they are.

Ejaculated - At the beginning of the level enter the door and pull the lever immediately on your right

Forced - After pulling the lever a blue force field should appear around the cargo holds to the right before the enemies are ejaculated, quickly kick an enemy into one of these force fields for an easy 500 points.

Discharged? - Pretty sure this one is called discharged, when an enemy is charging their PMC fire a charged shot of your own PMC at them for more easy points.

I don't think there is a drop point on this level so the two guns you pick you will have to the end so choose the guns that you feel most comfortable with and can get some easy points. I think I used the drill and flail gun, however you may find a better combination that works for you!

Use the thumper as well, to get first in last out, trap shooting, slam dunk and any other gun specific skill shots such as mile high club. Obvious point but try not to repeat the same kills, spicing things up will get you more points!

Anyway hope this helps, its just of the top of my head so there may be some more unique skill shots i have forgotten!
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