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Hehehe got the achievements then saw this guide. I'll list the environmental Skillshots here for Anarchy player to get the achievement for that:

Not in Kansas-Kick somebody into the Tornado on Dead Rock
Meatspin-Knock an enemy into the revolving doors on Grand Central
Flattery-Knock an enemy into the elevator shaft and pull the elevator down on them in Grand Central
Make a Wish-Knock an enemy into the fountain on Grand Central
Midnight Express-Knock an enemy into the path of the moving monorails on Grand Central
Fish Chow-Send an enemy into the waterfall on Junkyard
Man Crush-Send an enemy into the crushers on Junkyard
Nom Nom Nom-Knock an enemy into the dinosaur skull on Dead Rock
Blood Fountain-Knock an enemy into the river on Waterworks
Royal Flush-Knock an enemy into the water tubes on Waterworks
Ground Chuck-Knock an enemy into the Grinders on Power Plant
Blood Bath-Knock an enemy into the Juicers on Turbine

*EDIT* My bad, didn't notice it was already here but these are the only ones you need to get if you want the Environment Master Achievement

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