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Originally Posted by Van Hooligan X View Post
Well there's 32 races
6 amateur, 16 pro and 10 for the final championship
you need 40 performance points

so for a handful of races you need two :S
That doesn't answer my question and if you know the answer then why you made a topic about gearhead? You and I are in the same place of asking a same question regarding of gearhead achievement. FYI, I already know how many races of each 3 cups, Van Hooligan.

Gear Head
Max out all Performance Points on a car. 10

Performance points are earned by coming in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in a career race. You get 1 point for each amateur cup race, 2 for the pro cup races, and 3 for each paramount cup race. If you are a good driver you should have your car maxed out near the end of the Amateur Cup.

Okay, here the thing I have a problem. You said that you would get 2 points earn for each race in Pro cup which I only got 1 performance point, sometime nothing. Can you clear this up on how performance point work? I have tried to take out a few opponents as much as I can, drafting, rubbing the wall, spin out the car, take a lead, everything I could think of and place a first place in the race and yet, I get One or Zero point earn from that race. This starting to bugging me because I have invested 15 Performance Points so far in 8th race of Pro Cup so far and I feel like it is not enough to get Gearhead achievement by the end of career.

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