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Originally Posted by [M]ike View Post
There's already been an achievement guide posted for a week or so, thanks for trying though (And you've obviously just reworded my guide since you don't even have 200 on the game at the time of posting this)
This ^ LOL

[M]ike thank you for making my day. Papasmurf wrote an excellent guide and you have the nerve to post a reply being a total ass to him and others in this thread. You brag about how many posts YOUR guide has on it, blah blah blah. And when I go back and look in the forums for the "stickied" guide, I see no sign of yours?

Don't be so arrogant and pull that whole "Well I posted my guide FIRST so you don't have the right to post another guide." crap because, as it appears to me, your guide wasn't selected to be a sticky. So go take some time to take your foot out of your mouth and learn that being an ass doesn't always mean you come out on top, or even on the first page for that matter lol.

Papa, thank you for your work. You showed a lot of class when you gave him credit which he obviously didn't deserve when he got so anal about you posting your guide. Cheers to you Papa.
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