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Got this about a half hour ago on deal of the week and your guide bought me an easy 145gs on this game in a matter of fifteen or twenty minutes.

Thanks for putting your guide together, the road map is among the easiest to follow
I've seen and works perfectly.

To Specs - I asked a friend that got this game a while back and got his 200 on it, he says the levels unlock as you beat the one before it in the list, though he thinks that for the last couple you need to have an A rank on the map prior to the one you wish to unlock. He said that he was able to get A's easily by getting the 5 minute challenge 1 million pts and the 10 minute 2 million challenges on the one prior to whichever remains locked for you. I've personally only played for around twenty minutes, but his advice has always been reliable for me.

Hope the above helps you out, best of luck with it.
Thanks again to the op for a clean, well thought out and very well made guide.


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