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Keep me updated.

User Guide

Update Change Log

Since I created the list I have added more and more to try and improve the list and make it as useful as possible to anyone who uses it. Below are the changes I have made since I created it in March 2011.

Update 4th Mar 2011: I am now adding Achievement Guide links where available. You can also click on any of the game titles or icons to see the achievement list.

Update 10th Mar 2011:
This guide now contains game review scores from which are out of ten (.../10) and which are out of five (.../5). I have only added the wmpoweruser scores where wpcentral is missing the reviews as their reviews are a lot more accurate in my opinion and even they are a little too generous in certain games. As and when wpcentral post new reviews l will replace any ".../5" scores. These reviews scores are updated every Wednesday.

See update 6th April 2012

Update 23rd Mar 2011:
Have now started specifying the new game each week.

Update 30th Mar 2011: Have now started specifying the Deal of the Week.

Update 13th April 2011:
Will now indicate which game reviews have been added or changed (see update 10th Mar) each week by including an a temporary icon next to the review score. This icon will stay until the following Wednesday.

Update 27th April 2011: Now adding an temporary icon for any games receiving a price drop. As above will stay there until the following Wednesday.

Update 4th May 2011: Have now started to add achievement difficulties (out of /10), hours to 200, plus a permanent icon for easy 200's and an icon for games suffering glitched achievements. This will be removed once glitches are confirmed fixed.

Update 5th August 2011: I have now linked any games that are glitched to the relevant forum page where the problems are described. Just click on the angry face icon next to the game.

Update 5th August 2011:
Game reviews are also now linked to the 'New Review' icon. As stated above this icon will only stay for a week due to limit of characters in a post. Just click on the confused face icon next to the game.

Update 31st August 2011:
Deal of the week now has a review if you want to have a quick read about the game before you buy.

Update 18th November 2011: Achievement guides not currently listed in the Games page (i.e. no savable achievement) but found in the games Forum now added for easy 200's. You can identify them as they are in Italic (i.e. Achievement Guide).

Update 6th April 2012: I am changing the current review scores in favour of user scores. I am going to use the scores from over at as they get a high volume of gamers voting on the game and only allow you to vote once the game shows on your profile. Therefore the list will change from this 'R 8/10' to 'S 4.8/5'. Its not big change but this way I can actually rate every single game and have a score on there within a day or two of release. I know the scores change but I will just to have to review them every now and again.

Update 21st March 2014: Thread layout changed and general tidy up.

I would appreciate it if anyone could let me know when a guide becomes live as don't want to be checking through each game forum every week.

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